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Water Heater Repair

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This is a water heater that is heated from an outside heat exchanger such as an existing coil on a boiler.  Use of a special circulating pump transfers heated hot water to a holding tank.  This gives a larger quantity of hot water from an existing tankless coil and give a more of a steady set temperature for comfort.  This is a great upgrade for an existing system without a storage tank.

Techtanium Indirect Water Heaters
Bock Water Heaters

Indirect Water Heater:

This is a water heater that is heated from some other heat source.  It is treated like another hydronic zone.  Boiler water is pumped through a coil inside of the indirect tank which heats the hot water.  Very efficient with very low losses.

Bock Water Heaters

Direct Fired Water Heater:

 This is a water heater that has an oil or gas burner as a heat source, heating the hot water independently from your heating system.  These water heaters have a flue pipe connected to your chimney for venting combustion gases.


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