Our GAS Heating Tune Ups consist of:
- Checking Gas Pressures to the Heating System
- Wiping down and cleaning air intakes to burner
- Inspection and Cleaning of your Chimney base
- Vacuum Cleaning of the Boiler or Furnace heat exchanger passages***

-Brushing and Cleaning Burners of debris and dust

- Testing of Limits and Safeties.

- Use of a Combustion Analyzer telling you:
​          - Draft over the Fire - Explains how the combustion gases are moving through your boiler/furnace
          - Draft over the Breech - Explains how the combustion gases are moving through your chimney
          - Smoke level - Equipment nowadays should be at ZERO smoke
          - Net Stack Temperature - this is the temperature of the combustion gases leaving you Heating system
          - Carbon Dioxide Percentage (CO2%) - This % tells you how tight you boiler is and is used to figure out the heating equipment efficiency
          - Efficiency (%) - This is the Efficiency of your boiler.  Under 80% and you should think about upgrading your heating system.

          - Carbon Monoxide (CO ppm) - Ensuring low levels (under 50ppm) are produced from your equipment for safety purposes
- Air Filters for furnaces (Hot Forced Air) are not included in a Tune up.  

*** - Vacuum cleaning includes most standard residential boilers.  Some exotic, foreign, and/or high efficent boilers are labor intensive and require technical knowhow to service and clean which may have additional charges.

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